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June 30, 2020

“Those who stand up for justice will always be on the right side of history.”

June 27, 2020

“Whilst we can and should celebrate our differences, let not our beliefs divide us, but the spirit of our shared humanity unite us.”

June 10, 2020

“Passion is the fire in our belly, the fuel that drives us towards success.”

June 6, 2020

There is nothing worse than hunger,’ says South Africa hero Siya Kolisi of helping townships during lockdown

May 17, 2020


April 24, 2020

“Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

April 11, 2020

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arc universe mlk“Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”
from “my filing system (to rescue me from “sheer utter chaos”, thanks “BIG G”#)
# and by that I mean God, rather than Google, but then probably I should thank both!

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“Only when we can say, ‘I am first and foremost a human being… and second a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, or Hindu, will we progress our shared humanity.”

February 28, 2020

Hamilton: Children and people suffering because of selfish men

February 25, 2020

Working, Striving towards a more Peaceful World "I WRITE, I SHARE, I DREAM!"

Lewis Hamilton has once again used his social media presence to advocate global peace and well-being – today, the reigning Formula 1 champion used his Instagram platform to call for an end to conflict in the Middle East, primarily Syria.

On his Instagram story, Hamilton wrote:

“Everyday I wake up and see the news on Syria. It’s been going on for nearly 9 years, why has the world stood by and let them [the Syrian people] suffer. These poor children and people suffering everyday because of selfish men, countries not doing anything to help them. This is so sad. Praying for the people out there “


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Siya Kolisi delivers moving speech at Laureus ceremony [video]

February 20, 2020

South Africa: "the Beloved Country"

Siya Kolisi led the Springboks contingent who picked up the Team of the Year award at the Laureus Sports Awards on Monday night.

Watch: Siya Kolisi delivers moving speech at Laureus ceremony

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